Guide complet des formes de jeans femme : trouvez la coupe parfaite

The complete guide to women's jeans : find the perfect fit

Jeans are a wardrobe staple, but finding the perfect fit isn't always easy. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the different shapes of women's jeans and help you find the one that suits you best.

1. The wide-leg trend

For the past 2-3 years, wide-leg jeans have been making a comeback. With the trend back to the 80s, wide-leg and high-waisted jeans are making a comeback. The Saint Germain model from Jane Blue Paris is a perfect example of this jeans trend. The difference with the 80s, when jeans were all 100% cotton, is the addition of 2% elastane to our selection of Jane Blue jeans on our online store.

Obviously, this makes all the difference, especially on high-waisted jeans! And what does this mean in terms of body shape? If you're tall (whatever your morphology), don't ask, this cut is made for you (you just have to dare this shape, the antithesis of skinny jeans).

On the other hand, if you're petite, we recommend you take them above the ankle: by breaking up the volume at the bottom of the wide-leg jeans, you won't feel like you're being squeezed. Discover St Germain Jane Blue jeans on our eshop here (please follow the sizing advice).

2. Flare jeans

Flare jeans are similar to bootcut jeans, but flare wider at the ankles, creating a retro, bohemian silhouette. This cut is perfect for women seeking a casual, vintage look. Pair it with flowing blouses and retro accessories for on-trend '70s style. At Thank You Margareth, this is our flagship model, whatever the season. It adapts to all body types and elongates the silhouette. We deliberately chose the Bastille Jane Blue Paris jeans. Directly inspired by Jane Birkin's wardrobe, they have a very '70s look, and yet they're all-purpose: we wear our flare jeans at the weekend, but also at the office with a shirt, a pretty blouse and a jacket. Flare jeans also suit our feet: ankle boots, sandals, heels, sneakers... they go with everything! Take a look at our Jane Blue eshop and discover the Bastille !


3. Boyfriend or mum jeans

Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed cut and a slightly masculine look. They're usually loose-fitting around the hips and thighs, with a low or normal waist and a slightly narrowed leg at the bottom. At Thank You Margareth, these are the Paumelle Jane Blue Paris jeans. The big difference with other boyfriend jeans? the double front pocket, which makes these jeans ultra-stylish! Of course, like all Jane Blue models, they also have a little elastane for maximum comfort. You can choose to wear them in regular size, or drop them down to the hips to give them even more style. Discover the Jane Blue Paumelle jeans in our online boutique !

4. Skinny jeans or slim jeans ?

Much less fashionable over the past 3 years, skinny jeans (fitted from the waist to the ankles) enhance the silhouette. Skinny jeans can be worn with high heels for a chic outfit or sneakers for a casual look. But they don't suit every body type... That's why, for the past 3 years, we've been preferring its variant: slim jeans. Slim jeans offer a fitted cut that follows the curves of the body without being as tight as skinny jeans. As a result, slim jeans are not tight around the ankles. This cut is much more flattering for most body types, and can be worn casually or smartly, depending on the accessories and tops chosen.


With this guide to women's denim shapes, you're well on your way to finding the perfect fit to enhance your figure and personal style. Whether you prefer fitted skinny jeans, elegant bootcut jeans or retro flare jeans, our online store offers a wide selection of women's jeans in a variety of cuts, colors and styles. Explore our collection today and find your new favorite jeans !

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