Un look bohème ça ressemble à quoi ? Thank You Margareth

What does a bohemian look look like ?

We often hear about bohemian fashion, and on paper it sounds cool... if you know how to dose it! While crochet and embroidery are ultra-trendy in bohemian fashion this summer, we'd advise you not to over-accumulate these details at the risk of getting a rather busy result. Go for a few touches with an accessory or a Hod Paris embroidered blouse with shorts in embroidered colors. Discover the Hod Paris bohemian blouse online !

When it comes to bohemian accessories, at Thank You Margareth we're big fans of the very bohemian berber clutch, which we use for daytime or evening wear to liven up a look. And to top it all off, each berber clutch is unique! Make your choice of bohemian berber clutch here !


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